Shipping / FAQ

We are a Canadian company - all prices listed are in Canadian Dollars.


  • Standard shipping rates apply to all individual purchases and will be applied at checkout.
1 bag - Canada Wide $9.00
2 bags - Canada Wide $12.00
3+ bags - Canada Wide $15.00


  • Shipping for subscription service is included in the cost listed.
  • We are more than happy to ship to the United States - all shipping rates are in Canadian dollars.
1 bag - USA coast to coast $12.00
bags - USA coast to coast $16.00
bags - USA coast to coast $21.00

  • Shipping rates are subject to change at any time based on postage rates available - however the website will be updated in such instances. This rates listed, are the rates you will be charged.




  • Unopened product is eligible for a full refund upon safe return to us. We will not cover the cost of return shipping.
  • We will not refund opened or partially enjoyed product.


  • You prepay for the year in advance, shipping included, and once a month a bag will automatically be sent to you!
  • To receive a 33% discount on your subscription use promo code PRELAUNCH at checkout.
  • Subscriptions cannot be refunded, however they can be cancelled or transferred to a friend.
  • If your address changes during the time of your subscription it is your responsibility to let us know at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Chews delivered to the wrong address can be resent to the correct address at your expense. Invoice for re-shipping can be sent via Paypal or e-mail.