About Us

Yippie Yak was founded out of the desire to spread the word of a healthier alternative to the standard chew-able products marketed to dog owners these days. In an industry that is so huge, it's shocking how little information gets shared from retailers to customers on what's really in the chews we're giving to our furry companions. It's scary how many toxic and outright dangerous products are sold with little to no warning on the labels about the immediate and long term hazards of consumption. We wanted to break this trend by offering a healthy and safe product that can put puppy parents at ease while giving it to their dog to enjoy.

Yak cheese chews are not a new product. We wanted to offer it to customers in a way that was easier to portion out over a monthly timeline thus easier to factor into a monthly budget. We also wanted to create a brand that customers could identify with and be apart of. To create a community of dog owners interested in raising healthy pups.

For a product that is so wonderful for dogs, it is almost unbelievable to us how many people still haven't heard of yak cheese chews. With your help our goal is to let the world know about yak cheese chews and the benefits that come along with it.


The owners sampling the product